US Engineering League (USEL) is the national organizer for WRO USA.
WRO USA is a national member of World Robot Olympiad (WRO), an
international robotics competition that brings together young people from all
over the world to develop their creativity, design problem-solving skills
through challenging educational robot competitions and activities.
USEL organizes competitions throughout the US at regional, state, and
national levels. Top teams from the national level competition earn an
invitation to the World Championships.

Participants work together with a coach in teams or two or three students to
perform new tasks every year. Teams create, design and build a robot model
that is capable to perform a challenge. Each year a new theme and challenge
are set. The competition starts from preliminary rounds to the final judging.

Children aged between 8 and 19 years can participate in one of the three
competition categories: Regular, Open or SumoBots Category.

2021 will be greater than ever for WRO USA. We are continually allowing
children to explore and challenge themselves and growing to new cities to
support STEM awareness. In 2018, we invited 9 teams to the International
Final in Thailand; in 2019, we sent amazing teams to the International Final in
Hungary. This year, Germany will be hosting the International Finals in
November, 2021.

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