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New Competition Formats

Even though we are very pleased with our competitions we, are always investigating ways to develop our program. From time to time we run pilot projects that can result into changes in our existing competition formats or that can become new competition formats.

Future Engineers / Self-driving vehicle challenge

Autonomous driving is a mega trend of our time. Big companies, start-ups, investors and city planners see a high potential in self-driving vehicles, cars, busses, trucks or trains. With this new challenge format, we want to bring the current research challenge into schools and teach students an engineering workflow by solving real-world-challenges.

WeDo (Regular and Open)

In WRO we have an ambition of being relevant to students of different ages. Over the last years we have added a new element to the WRO program! The challenges are designed for children up to the age of 10, and involve the LEGO© Education WeDo platform. Since 2018, National Organizers can choose to run a WeDo competition in their country. They have the opportunity to introduce a challenge based on the Regular Category format and a challenge based on the Open Category format.

Virtual WRO (Regular Category)

Robotics is about embracing possibility. That means our competitors have to think of new ways to solve the challenges by applying the technology of tomorrow to today’s problems. As a result, we are always looking for imaginative new ways that students can use to design and test their robots. We also would like to give more students the chance to take part in solving our challenges.

Currently we are exploring a way to do both things by using virtual robotics. The first steps WRO takes into this world are a collaboration with one of our partners.
Cogmation Robotics has launched This is a platform for teams and individuals to train and compete in a virtual WRO competition using the Virtual Robotics Toolkit that is developed by Cogmation.