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WRO Guiding Principles

We are aware that a competition usually means that those involved are driven to win. This applies to team members, coaches, parents and even to countries. We feel there is nothing wrong with that, as long as the guiding principles of the competition remain intact.

These WRO Guiding Principles are:

  • Teams are encouraged to learn and master new skills while having fun together.
  • Coaches, mentors and parents are there to guide the teams, not to do the work for them.
  • Participating and learning are more important than winning.

WRO Ethics Code

All teams participating in WRO should follow these principles:
“It is not whether you win or lose, but how much you learn that counts.”

We are participating in a competition.
We like to win. We want to learn.
And we also want to have fun.

We want to play fair.
We design our own robot and we write our own software.
It is not fair if someone else does that for us.

We can only learn if we try things ourselves.
Our coach can teach us things and guide us.
And we can also get inspired by others.

But our coach should not do the work for us.
And we do not simply copy a robot or software from someone else.
We use the examples we find to design our own robot and programming.

Sometimes we fail and that is OK.
Original ideas come from failing.
Winning is nice but failing is part of our journey.

What is OK and what is not OK in WRO?

All competition All competition
We search for information online and share ideas with other people will learn from the examples and use what we have learnt in our own robot (hardware and /or software) We buy a solution online or we use a direct copy of another person. we use that solution in the competition (hardware and/ or software).
Our coach/ mentor/ parent advises us on different ways to program things Our coach/ mentor/ parent program the software or parts of the software for us.
Our coach/ mentor/ parents shows us different ways of constructing think Our coach/ mentor/ parent built the robot (or parts of the robot) for us.
Our coach mentor parent lets us find out what to do our self if things don’t work Our coach/ mentor/ parent fixes it for us if things don’t work.
Our coach mentor parent lets us handle things ourselves on the competition day Our coach/ mentor/ parent discusses with the judges about the rules and decisions on the competition day. we want to win the competition it does not matter how we win it.
We want to win the competition but not by cheating or having someone else to the work for us We want to win the competition, it does not matter how we win it
Regular Category Regular Category
We try to solve the surprise rule ourselves because we have learned all the basics and can find a solution as a team. Our coach/ mentor/ parent tries to give uu the instructions to solving the surprise rule after it has been announced.
Open Category Open Category
Our coach/ mentor/ parent only help us with preparing our Robot model or Open Category booth if it is needed. (For example if things are too heavy if we need to learn new skills or if something is too dangerous for us to prepare on our own). Our coach/ mentor/ parent decides what are robot model and/ or our booth will look like and build things for us even if we could make it on our own
SumoBots SumoBots
We adapt our strategy ourselves and repair/ adapt our robots ourselves Our coach/ mentor/ parent suggest or tell us how to change our strategy and repairs/ adopts our robot for us