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Register a Team!

We are now open for team registrations. All teams MUST register in order to be eligible to participate in local, regional, or national events. Separate tournament fees apply.

For first time users, please sign up and then log in. When first signing up, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail, so be sure to remove us from the junk mail list.

2021 Team Registration Includes: 2021 Team Challenge Mat with Pieces or Open Category Table Cover. There’s a separate tournament fee for each event that you participate in.

Start a Team!

Congratulations on your decision to start a WRO robotics team! Whether you are a teacher, parent, coach, or an after-school club leader, you’ll find lots of support as you move through this process.

WRO has compiled this comprehensive, step-by-step plan to help guide you through the process. All steps are relevant to teachers, parents, coaches and club leaders. Click below to find out how you can start a WRO robotics team!

Become a Tournament Director!

Become a Tournament Director for a sanctioned WRO USA local or regional competition. We are happy to work with your organization or educational institution.

Reasons to join!

  1. Tremendous potential to grow and become a leader in the STEM community
  2. Great compliment for any school or STEM organization to enhance brand
  3. Great opportunity for youth to expand their horizons by competing domestically and internationally

Tournament Director Types & Permissions

Local Director Regional Director Conference Director
  • May run unlimited # of in person or virtual events.
  • Can run any platform but must pick 2 primary focuses
  • Teams gain national rankings by participating in Event
  • Can advance teams to Regionals based on USEL/WRO Criteria
  • Can offer private closed events for schools
  • All permissions as Local Director
  • Exclusive area to conduct regional events
  • Ability to Advance teams to State, Conference, or National Finals depending on area structure
  • Can Apply to host Open Invitationals
  • Can Apply to Host International Friendly Events
  • Listed on USEL & WRO Websites
  • All permissions as prior director positions
  • Can host State Championships
  • Can Schedule Conference Cup events open to teams across multiple states
  • Can advance teams from conference cup events to international Friendly events.
  • Listed on USEL & WRO websites

Tournament Director Level Requirements

Local Director Regional Director Conference Director
  • Must list events on USEL & WRO websites
  • Must be open to the public
  • Must report results within 72 hours of event end
  • Must use Scoreholio tournament software to run event
  • Must follow USEL & WRO branding guidelines for equipment and merch
  • Pay per team fees
  • Pay director’s fee to USEL (WRO)
  • Same as Local Director
  • Offer a minimum of 3 Regional Events per Season (Sumo & WRO)
  • Submit Regionals 30 days prior
  • Participate in monthly conference development calls
  • Promote USEL & WRO – be active on social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Host 1 Community Outreach event Between January and February
  • Meet All prior requirements
  • Participate in planning and execute conference event.
  • Assist in Ranking teams in conference after local or regional events
  • Communicate USEL & WRO information to Local and Regional Directors
  • Provide team projections for Nationals