USEL – Upland Week 2 Standings Update

USEL SumoBots league is underway in Upland, CA with 12 teams for the first local season. These events are run outdoors and social distancing policies are in effect. The second week featured some amazing battles and many teams redesigned their robots coming into Match 2. Team Flash is now tied atop the leaderboard with PuppyBot. Flash rebounded after some early match struggles. PuppyBot had a strong showing this match after going 5-1. All teams have had 10 matches heading into the final week. Next week will feature a Switcholio style event which may shake up the standings heading into the single elimination tournament. We will have our first local champion after next series of matches and 3 teams will earn spots in SumoBot Regional Finals in June. Tune in on the live stream of the local championshipby subscribing to the channel HERE. Congratulations to all the teams participating in the USEL SumoBot League!

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